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Dear Sir,

We - Viet Thai Trading & Service Technology Co., Ltd specialize in medical and industrial laundry equipment provide for hospitals, hotels, factories, laundry centres. We are pleased to introduce our ability for your reference



VIET THAI TRADING & SERVICE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was established according to Enterprise Law of Social Republic of Vietnam.

Name of company     : Viet Thai Trading and Service Technology Co., Ltd

Short name                 : Viet  - Thai Co., Ltd

Head Office               : No. 6, Hue alley, Ngo Thi Nham ward, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi

Tel                            : 84-4 3.9 761 454/3.9.764 361 /3.9.764 362

Fax                              : 84-4 3.9 762 969

E-mail                         : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 Account number    :  070-421100-301-00218-8   Sacombank 

Account number        : 4696529                              ACB Bank

Tax code                     : 0101298985

Registered capital     : VND ( Three billion VND)

Registered licence No.: 0102006644 issued by Hanoi  Planning and Investment Service

Ho Chi Minh City Branch:

Branch name              : Viet Thai Trading and Service Technology Co., Ltd- HCMC Branch

Address                      : H41K300 Cong Hoa Road, 12 ward, Tan Binh district, HCM City

Tel                               : 84-8 8 428456

Fax                              : 84-8 8 428856

E-mail                         : vietthai This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Account number        : 00710 01 63 03 56             Vietcombank

Tax code                     : 0101298985-001

Registered licence No.: 4112015322 issued by Ho Chi Minh Planning and Investment Service




Specialize in supplying medical and industrial laundry equipment including:

Washer - extractor, flatwork ironer, hydro - extractor, drying tumbler, drycleaning and laundry press, serve for hospital, hotel, factory and laundry centre, etc.

Boiler pressure 20 kg/ cm2, up to 15 tons / hour.

Machinnery for garment industry.

Medical equipment, chemical, biological product for hospital, health care centre, medical university and institute.

Suppling spare parts for all above products. 


2.        Customer service and transfer technology :

-         Install, maintain, repair medical and industrial laundry equipment.

-         Consult, design and install medical gas system, laundry line for hospital, hotel, factory, building and laundry centre.



Total employees : 30

University and higher level : 22

College and intermediate level : 08

All our staff have graduated from universities or higher level , in regular department, mainly on medical, economics, electric – electronic, mechanical and automatic profession.

More than 70% of our officer have passed the trainning course on medical and industrial laundry equipment by manufacturers.

Our technician team are rich experience and skilled so that can meet the installation, trainning, hand-over the technology request and undertake the after-sales service for all technology and equipment which our company supply.

We usually hold the trainning course in local and oversea countries for the staff to raise their ability and follow the improvement of the technology and equipment in the world.




Viet- Thai Trading and Service Technology Co., Ltd  is the exclusive and authorised distributor of over 40 famous manufacturers in the world. For industrial laundry equipment, the products supplied by our company as following :

-          Boiler : HURST / USA, TREVIL / Italy, SIMONS / Australia, VYNCKE / Belgium, PEO / Thailand, FULTON / USA.

-          Washer - extractor : UNIMAC / USA, HUEBSCH / USA, SPEED QUEEN / USA, IMESA / Italy, RENZACCI / Italy, LAPAUW / Belgium, MAXI / USA, IMAGE /Thailand.

-          Drycleaning : UNION / Italy, RENZACCI / Italy, REALSTAR / Italy.

-          Hydro-extractor : IMESA / Italy, MAXI / USA, M. SAN / Thailand, BOONYIM / Thailand.

-          Drying tumbler : UNIMAC / USA, HUEBSCH / USA, SPEED QUEEN / USA, IMESA / Italy, RENZACCI / Italy, LAPAUW / Belgium, MAXI / USA, IMAGE / Thailand.

-          Flatwork ironer : UNIMAC / USA, IMESA / Italy, RENZACCI / Italy, LAPAUW / Belgium, CHICAGO / USA, DANUBE / France, BRAUN / USA, IMAGE / Thailand.

-          Press, form finisher  : AJAX / USA, IMESA / Italy, TREVIL / Italy.

-          Industrial steam iron and vacuum table made in Thailand, China, Korea, Italy ...


Specially, we are one of the member in PEO CORPORATION / Thailand – the boiler manufacturer, the leading distributor of medical and industrial laundry equipment since 1990.

PEO CORPORATION / Thailand have 3 members :

-          PEO GROUP – boiler manufacturer, distributor of boiler and industrial laundry equipment, supply laundry chemical.

-          MEDIQUIP PR specialize in medical equipment

-          PEO TECH offer after-sales service, maintainence and repairment for all above products and machinery in heavy industry.

PEO CORPORATION has ever supplied many laundry equipment to hospital, hotel, factory and laundry centre. The list of typical customer of PEO is hereunder enclosed.




Viet Thai Co., Ltd is a prestigious supplier for many hospitals, hotels, factories and laundry centres. Our guidline is package service from consulting, design, install, transfer technology, warranty and mainternance. Therefore we always gain domestic and foreign customers’s confidence. Please see our list some finish and in progress projects for more information.



1.      Major : Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh - Director

2.      Excutive :

-         Mr. Suthep Suthanapun - PEO Group President

-         Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh - Director

-         Mr. Tran Van Chung - Service Manager

3.      Engineer and Technician

-         Mr. Tran Van Chung - Service Manager

-         Mr. Can Quang Thuc - Engineer

-         Mr. Khuc Dinh Chau – Technician


4.      Capacity of installation, mainternance, warantee


Our team of engineer and technician have rich experience in consulting, design, installation, warranty, maintainence all equipment that we supply. All of them have already trained by the manufacturer and worked with foreign engineers in big projects. In necessary case the manufacturer’s engineers will be in Viet Nam to support technical and together with Vietnamese ones solve the troubles fastest.


A.            Installation service

-         We always have an engineer to inspect the construction site, co-ordinate with the contractor to construct the water, electricity, ventilation, steam, compressed air system.

-         24/24 hours installation service to guarantee the rate of progress according to the requirement of investor.

-         Have technical inspection during the installation.

-         Installation is carried out by experienced engineer and checking operation before hand – over the equipment.


B.            Training, operation and normally repair instruction

-         Training the user to operate the equipment fluently.

-         Have written document of regulations and notes when using the equipment.

-         Training to maintain the equipment every 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc.

-         Training the simple trouble-shooting

-         Training about electrical and mechanical safe rules.


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